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GREELLY is a hybrid distributor in the electronic component supply chain with extensive experience in global sales and procurement. We specialize in active components (ICs, transistors, etc.), passive components (capacitors, inductors, resistors, etc.), and other components, offering a stock of over 10 thousand different entries and providing customers access to more than 100 million products.

Our product lines have distinct advantages, including wireless digital TV modules, voice coil motors, and DC/DC power management ICs.

These products find wide applications in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, digital-to-analog communications, medical equipment, aerospace, shipbuilding, office, new energy, and environmental protection industries.

At GREELLY, we offer a range of services, including zero-defect quality assurance, BOM table matching for small quantity supply, cost-effective and high-quality control programs, and excess inventory management. With years of global sourcing and sales experience, we have established a robust global network of information channels that enables us to provide timely solutions to material shortages, introduce the latest and most sought-after products, and maintain a consistent inventory.

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